Codefreeze. The northernmost unconference I ever visited

22.02.2015 - Lesezeit ca. 2 Min - 500 Wörter

Codefreeze. A new (un)conference

It’s almost a month ago I participate in the codefreeze unconference at Kiilopää in Lapland.

The location is wonderful. I went there with my family for a few days before the conference began to enjoy a little holiday. We explored the area. Learned the basics of cross country skiing and then made a small cross country ski tour with Aki . We drove snow mobile and let us show how to ice fishing.

An awesome unconference

By and by the other participants arrived and the first conversations were in progress. Many interesting people and a lot of knowledge were gathered there. So I had the opportunity to talk with the other before the conference began. There were even people who could speak Spanish. (By the way, greetings to Pedro and Vivian :-))

We talked about many things and I had the opportunity to learn a lot.

We made mob programming and philosophized hours long, which are the best methods to solve the problem. If you are interested on trying yourself, here is the Kata we try to solve:

Print Diamond –> Given a letter, print a diamond starting with ‘A’ with the supplied letter at the widest point.

For example: print-diamond ‘C’ prints

1	  A
2	 B B
3	C   C
4	 B B
5	  A

I showed a little bit C# at the trial to solve my “favorite problem” with TDD. It was an interesting experience for me and we were able to find different approaches to solve the problem.

Cyrille talk with us about Transparent Architecture. He had attended a session facilitated by Sandro with the title ‘Kill the Architect’ some time ago and wanted to talk about other methods to influence the architecture and design.

We had an interesting discussion about the clasicist vs. mockist approach to TDD. For me, and I think for most of the other a balanced mix is the best solution.

We also had sport activities during the conference. For example, a visit to the smoke sauna or a walk with snowshoes through the countryside.

And all the rest of it. They were very intense and instructive days. I want to thank all the participants for sharing his / her knowledge with me.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy during our stay. So I and my family have not had the opportunity to observe the northern lights. Who knows, maybe next time.

Btw. you can book for the next codefreeze at the codefreeze site.

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